About the Ivy Well

The Ivy Well is a place of remembrance and inspiration. From wells we draw the remembrance of divine embrace, the sacred song of Soul, knowledge of purpose, and ancestral counsel. This is the work of mystics and witches. Ivy is a plant know for its spiraling climb upwards toward the Sun. At this well, we reach for the knowing waters of below and the celestial light from above. This can also be seen as the marriage of heaven and earth; an astrologer’s work.

My name is June Rose Trimbach; I am an astrologer and spiritual healer. In my practice I work with both celestial inspiration and ceremony to open connection to the deep well of Soul. I work with people using prayer, divination, shamanic healing and astrology. This work is about Spirit, within and without, and healing connection to Spirit. The word itself means breath, courage, soul; life.

When we are inspired, we are with Spirit. The sky to the ancient mind was inspiration, as well the realm of gods. The inspiration came down through stories, and it is the stories, ancient and modern, that nourish the soul. It is through the well of memory that we access the personal and collective stories. We draw from its depths guidance, connection to lineage, unconscious human knowledge, and the remembrance of our own Souls. The celestial realm is akin to our deep selves. The planets exist in the realm of memory because humans have connected with these beings since we began on this earth. Perhaps longer. When we search deep within, we find the planetary beings that guide us from the celestial realm. When we stargaze at the heavens, we find our deep souls floating among the stars. Through my work,  I hope to bring you myth and therefore remembrance of heart and soul. Through myth, we close our eyes and give gratitude for the boundless web of meaning that embraces our lives. And through astrology, the myth of our individual journey is given a voice.

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June Rose